Dorothy Varano

Age 83

The help I received from Diptee is a big reason I was able to get back on my feet and moving around again. Keeping up with mobility can be difficult at my age but thanks to DME Donations I was able to get the equipment I needed. The service they are providing truly made a huge difference in my life. "I feel taller and this is definitely more sturdy"

Karina Randazzo

Age 31

As an OT in home care I often make recommendations for equipment for clients to participate in their daily tasks. It is unfortunate that the majority of the time clients can’t afford or don’t have the resources to obtain equipment. Insurance currently doesn’t cover shower chairs because they deem them not medically necessary. Although sponge baths are an alternative to showering, in their eyes showering it is a want and not a need. Our clients already have to deal with so much medically and then they are strips of this self-care activity. It’s saddening when people have to choose if they will have their medications, food, or a shower because their finances only allow one of the above. 


This past week I had an evaluation which brought me to tears. My client and his spouse moved from Florida to Delaware because his aging wife was having her own medical needs and was needing more help in caring for the client. They moved in with their son, only to have him suffer a heart attack requiring a heart transplant in New York. 


My client had countless falls and was not able to shower without a shower chair. In addition, his wife took him to a medical appointment and the nurses had to help her get her husband in and out because he was unable to talk and needed a wheelchair to get him to simply see a physician. My client needs a transport chair so that his wife can safely take him to appointments without the additional stress of additional falls during which both the client and his wife can get injured. 


Medical equipment’s purpose is to aid in preventing a possibly avoidable occurrence. It is a need and not a want. I am so blessed to have Dee help my client and his family by providing them with a shower chair and transport chair so he can safely participate in the tasks of showering and accessing his physicians.

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